Tree Planting

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I believe that there must be a balance to life. At some point, everyone passes on, and at that very moment, a new life is born into this world. Same goes for trees. Imagine having removed trees and never re-planting them. We would all cease to exist due to the fact where trees are our main producers of oxygen. Besides that, trees also help clean the air we breathe. It also filters the water we drink. Not only that but it also provides habitat to more than 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Forests also provide over 1.6 billion people a job. Arborists, loggers and even researchers in the field are given job opportunities by the forestry industry. Not only are we reliant on trees for work, trees also provide us with timber which allows us to build homes and shelter to live in comfort. Therefore, I urge you to always consider this balance in life. Cultivate the habit of tree planting.

What exactly is tree-planting? As the name suggests, it’s the planting of trees. To be specific, it is the process of transplanting tree seedlings for the purpose of forestry, land reclamation or even landscaping. Watch how a baron land turn into a forest, providing shelter to the wildlife out there that needs a home like us.

Perhaps not all of us has the time or interests to be outdoors for tree planting. However, might I remind you that having trees, for example, on the land you own, is also crucial. Trees help tighten the soil and prevents landslides which is why landslides soon follow after a deforestation activity.

Have you heard of South Florida Tree Trimming and Stump Grinding Services? They offer many kinds of services. One of them is Tree Planting. I think this is a great service to offer to the public. For one, they are also giving back to Mother Earth by allocating resources out on the field to do tree planting. I’d be very much interested to find out more on the tree planting service they offer. I wonder if they initiate the tree planting service after a deforestation activity has occurred. Will they let me pitch in to their tree planting activity? Will they offer services for tree planting on my private piece of land? I guess that is just something I would need to find out. Maybe you should reach out to them too!

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